Elegancy is Black & White is just as simple to create as it is difficult to imagine!! And this kitchen does just that. Not that we have an exact black but the color is more of an Espresso. But the main focus of this kitchen is the island counter and cabinet underneath. What was there originally in its place, we could almost cry since there was no storage at all and neither the space was done justice to by the small portable counter that was in this same space!

With three growing kids and much needed space to eat, store food and other supplies, entertain friends more storage was absolutely necessary. Also needed was a big counter space that could double up as a eating table. The idea of a traditional dining table was old fashioned for the lifestyle of the family. An extensive pantry with a full section of pull-outs were an absolute want. Wine rack was also one of the pet peeves. With the two tone cabinetry, simple clean lines of the hardware and the glass tiles backsplash in neutral blue-grey with some surface texture was just the perfect finish.

Second area was the Living Room and an a much needed fireplace update. So we decided to create some magic again with the white and black and punches of color thrown in in the furnishings. It worked like magic and in the end we now have a beautiful space that is so much brighter, more attractive & open. Oh! And in the end the Homeowner specially requested - "What could be the chances that we could accomodate a barn door in the space?"