This glamorous home has nothing less than just that - Glamor! When the homeowners dreamed of their home in the peace and quiet of the wooded lot they did not stop short of the style & pizzaz that they wanted in their lifestyle. An enthusiastic couple with grown up boys just wanted to keep enjoying life's numerous joys and beautiful moments with their friends and family and wanted to create a home that not only spoke of their dream style but also the party animal they are! Sorry folks, we just had to get that one in there!

So we went looking for classy & stylish, the hint of glitter, the silk, fine tableware & punches of color but subtle enough to bespoke a style that was in their heart. The fun & frolic and dazzling elegance never left their lives and now continues to be part of their home that they cherish and enjoy everyday. We worked together as they knew what they wanted and created a home that was not only dazzling but beautiful, timeless and glamorous! We wish them many evenings of fun with friends, food, wine and also that quiet moment of reflection, peace & tranquility in the company of each other!