Couple of White-Grey-Chrome Bathrooms! - How impressive do you want them to be? Actually quite a lot! Again beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and its a totally personal choice. And we hear that White is boring - the other side of the story is that White can be Beautiful too!! and so are these bathrooms. One is a Hall Bath & one an Ensuite. Its an old house with a Modern take. Transformation is all about interchange - change the new with the old, change the tall with the short, change the White with the Off-white, change the pattern with the boring!!

Clean seamless glass walls, shiny chrome metal finishes to all faucets & hardware, Round mosaic shower floor, Statuario counter pattern simple shaker cabinet doors and maximization of the space is the utmost priority. Some structural changes could not happen so we had to make the best use of the space, hiding among others, a laundry chute in the cabinet. Clients wanted to use it and so we complied!