Simple Classic, Textured Neutrals, Creative Linear Definition - these were some of the ideas that we started with when we set out to design this space. We did not know for sure that it would turn out to be so spectacular, but we did have lofty ideas and truly went out of the box to create this space. That White can be so beautiful, can be believed only after seeing this space with your own eyes!!

It was thrilling to come up with creative concepts and innovative ideas to transform a plain straight wall & unattractive grey space into a point of interest, classy surface & the belle of the ball! With a beautiful veined marble panelled wall, book matched into a work of art, rich & warm walnut wood textures creating drama, classy patterns of Statuary Quartz with a waterfall edge all added a seamless look that took our breath away, not to mention our clients' ecstasy.

We did have a challenge in our hands that the ceiling being concrete there was no way to have recessed lighting or bring power to the ceiling. But we did have to create some form of lighting. With our Designer hats on we went back to the basic Design Principle of "Form Follows Function" and created interesting Cove Lighting angling the light and corresponding surfaces so that the light was emitted in interesting angles and became a true work of art! The chiselled shape of the rays of light created a multitude of drama, especially after sundown, when the enjoyment of the special atmosphere created by the lighting was most enjoyed!