With a love for crafting handmade one of a kind greetings cards for all ages, occasions, creative themes, interesting designs representing shapes and colors from around the world this artist needed a studio where she could continue to do her work and be creative. Previously an unused space that was made into a storage room of anything that was to be kept out of the way, this space got converted into a studio that is now a comfortable, warm & cozy space to spend hours of being creative in. It now has a beautifully custom made storage that is not just a shelf to store all the numerous supplies but a well finished, well planned and carefully designed masterpiece with design details in its finished applied decorative elements bringing a neoclassical touch to the room. The artist proudly sports her beautiful collection of plates collected on her numerous travels around the world that was until now stored away in boxes. This space is now functional, speaks volumes of the artist's touch, her creativity and her love for the arts.