With our easy step by step design process we take the guesswork out of your

next home design project. We put an emphasis on reaching your goals by

collaborating with you and keeping you involved at every step.



At this first meeting, we get a chance to look at your space, understand your design needs, likes and personal style. We then evaluate your space: take photos, measurements and take into account existing items that can be reused in your new space. After this vital information is gathered, we sign a mutual agreement and start our design work.



We get creative and formulate a design concept for your space. This may include drafted floor plans showing furniture & cabinetry layouts, material swatches, furniture pictures, lighting recommendations and a selection of color schemes. We also prepare a preliminary cost estimate for products for your project.



We present our design plan for your space with our recommendations for material options as well as color choices. You get to play with the color chips and material samples we bring and actually get a feel of the finishes we recommend. We listen to your feedback, record any changes you suggest and finalize the design details with you.



At this stage we use your feedback to draw out the final designs for your project. We prepare a final drafted floor plan with all the layout details, measurements, 2D elevations with dimensions, 3D renderings of your space, all required construction and millwork drawings, material specifications for different surfaces in the space, as well as color and material board with your final choices.



This is where you actually see your new space coming to life. We walk you through all the details of the finalized design and material choices. You get a chance to visualize your finished space with all the color and material choices in place. At this point we also present you with the budget breakdowns and final project costs.



At this stage you have two options to choose from:

Have our team do the full renovation or installation of your project where we bring in certified specialists to do the work and you relax back to enjoy the final outcome.

We provide you with the shopping list, help you shop for products at our designer costs (where applicable) + a fee to cover for our time in the shopping process, provide on-site supervision to review work progress while you take up the renovation or installation process with your chosen contractor.