Here is a Young Dreamer in White who exuded purity and youth at its best! I was reminded of the song - "I have a Dream, A Song to Sing" by ABBA when I met my young client and heard her out as to what she wanted in her room and how she wanted her room to look - a peaceful place to dream & relax, feel bliss within the soft folds and lace, somewhere she could escape after her busy school life. She wanted to be proud of her room, she wanted to bring her friends and hangout, she wanted her room to be her world inside this world and the rest of her house. When she entered her room and shut the door she wanted to get transported among the clouds. 

The Design Plan that we had for her was just perfect - lots of lace in purewhite, lots of textures, a mix of vintage old and modern new, earthy neutrals, touch of wood, pure glitter of the crystals and silver, soft plushness under the feet and the twinkling of the lights enhanced it all. It was a pleasure to see the sparkle in her eyes when we were done and the room was finished. It was our greatest reward to see her happy!