Our Signature #MySLD Room Consultation and Real Estate Staging Packages are one of its kind consultation service that brings to you a unique and detailed attention to every part of your room that needs a Design Refresh. You can avail any of these packages to look at your room with a new perspective and notice things that you never imagined before.

May be your Living Room needs a refresh with some new decor or color changes; may be your Bed needs a new stylized head board to make it look like you wanted it to for the last few years; what if your Dining Room needs a new layout to accommodate more guests or throw a dinner evening like you never did before. It allows you to be creative in your own home!

With our unique ideas, tips and suggestions you can easily understand the full picture of the kind of changes you can bring to your room to make it more appealing. We touch on various items with these consultations and at the end of it all you have something tangible to take away as a Look Book with all our ideas unique tips. After this you can bring those ideas into implementation yourself or have us develop them and create the room for you with our Hourly Design/Decor sets or our Styling Package

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Dining Room Design Consultation


  • For Homeowners looking for Ideas

This Consultation Package will give you the guidance for the Thematic Setting of your Dining Room coupled with the Aesthetics of effective seating arrangements for having a successful mealtime for your family and guests. With specific direction for each design criteria and discussion of ideas we will put together a Visual Look Book for you to take away. 

Living Room Design Consult


  • For Homeowners looking for Ideas

This Consultation Package will give you the Schematic Design & tools to visualize your Living Room and the atmosphere you will want to create. With specific direction for each surface and discussion of ideas we will put together a Visual Look Book for you to take away.



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>The first step for these packages is to purchase them online & then schedule the consultation. An additional fee may be included for car mileage depending on your location in the Greater Vancouver Area, which we will account for later once we start working.

>Next, we invite you to complete our space-unique Design Questionnaire which is included in each package. The Design Questionnaire is a great tool to help us learn more about you, your style and lifestyle, and more about your space and how you use it now and would like to use in future. We will be happy to have you fill the questionnaire & schedule the consultation you as soon as possible so we can confirm your appointment promptly, and get prepared to come to your home or space for our Consult!

>Here is a Synopsis of what happens once you purchase the above packages and you get your own special login portal for your Studio Space.

  • All Packages need a Questionnaire to be filled out after you purchase the package & a Free e-book that you can download

  • Each Package has all details for what is included and detailed instruction on the pre-purchase page as well as on the Info page once you purchase & sign in.

  • You get an invite email on purchase of package. Once you sign into your Studio space on the online portal you have a Dashboard & Demo Video that will show you how to navigate through your studio

  • You also have the opportunity to upload any design related document or pictures as well as download our design suggestion that we provide you with

  • And you have free reign to schedule appointments on our available dates that suits your convenience.

Bedroom Suite


If you are not located in the Greater Vancouver Regional District and you like our Design Portfolio and would like to hire us for your Interior Design project we highly encourage you to avail our Online Design Services which is also termed as E-Design. We would love the opportunity to take up your project, start you off on a Design Discovery & Style Assessment Session, and discuss further all the the logistics. We are looking forward to speak to you. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience!

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