How can Seasonal Leaf Designs help in Selling a Home

It is time to get smart with the process of preparing a home for sale, regardless of price, location and condition, with the goal of getting the most money in the shortest amount of time possible. As a Realtor or a Home Seller your priority is getting the home sold & to do that the home needs to show well.

So here are the facts:

  • Long gone are the days of cell phone pictures in scanty lighting and 10 buyers want to see your home with multiple offers.

  • In today’s current market we have Savvy Home Buyers who shop around, do their research, look at pictures, look at stats and home condition, way before they contact a Realtor to show them properties.

  • Home Improvement stats, property taxes and last sold price are readily available to Buyers.

  • Buyers are ready to spend money but they want to buy no fixer uppers or spend time & money doing improvements after moving in.

  • Sellers in their own interests are now making the necessary upgrades to make their home ready for sale so they have a product that invokes multitude of interest and a sale.

Living Room

Time to get Smart & Act:

It is time to get smart with the process of preparing a home for sale, regardless of price, location and condition, with the goal of getting the most money in the shortest amount of time possible. So here is what you can do & what we have to offer for your to do that!

> Pre-Listing Consultation

Valuable staging consultation meeting with the Seller for a focused 1 hour & 30 minutes session to show how to increase your home selling & showing power, starting right from Curb Appeal. Then do a quick tour of the home to identify problem areas and discussing ways to maximize the potential of each identified space to make the home sell-able.

> Photo-Shoot Prep & Styling

Starting with a 2 hour prep & styling session to get you ready before those wonderful photographs to make your home ship-shape & shining. We would usually do this with your own items. If you need additional decor we can provide that as well, at an extra cost per item and an additional time charge for extra time.

> Paint & Upgrade Material Consultation -

A 2 or 4 hour Paint Color only or a combined Paint Color & Product Selection Consultation for making cosmetic upgrades to your home to make your property sale value driven. As you sell and move, you want to give-forward to your Buyer to reward them with valuable addition to their new home. At this time we also will bring to you our resources of expert trades people and our wholesale pricing for products if you wish so.

> Staging Guide - EBook

Our Staging Guide E-Book is an electronic resource for you to get all the sensible facts about staging and preparing your home for sale. Included here are also valuable tips that we share from our years of experience designing homes and seeing them going for sale on the market. Included as well are our experience in selling homes first hand over 3 years in Real Estate Selling!

> Buyers Special - Real time property showing Consultation

We help you help your Buyer clients from a design perspective. If your Buyer is having trouble seeing the potential in some of the properties you show, take us a long for a real-time showing consultation. We will show them the possibilities of what each home personifies and the value of their money to the home. We will work in the best interests of your Buyer client and you.

> Signature Real Estate Design & Staging Consultation

A full tour with "Room by Room" & "Area by Area" Assessment with specific points and solutions starting from your Front Door all the way to your Backyard. Advice on Functional Furniture Arrangement, Paint Color Choice, Kitchen & Bath, Flooring, Appliances, figures and facts of a practical Investment that will hike the value of your home. This is our Signature Offer and we accomplish this in a focused visit of 3 hours with a follow up of practical Reports and Checklists for you.

> Furniture Rentals & Staging for Vacant Property

When your property has been moved out of and then it needs selling but has no furniture left then it becomes quite tough to get it sold unless the home features really outstanding materials. Even then it is a challenge. Buyers like to visualize themselves in the space. So a vacant space is not a Living Space! Even if you do not need a lot of furniture, sometimes even having a few effective pieces to the define the floor footage does work wonders! Believe me I am not a bog fan of rental furniture but that is better than empty.

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