Our Sketches & their stories

Our Pen & Ink Illustrations show some of our early work for both Residential & Commercial Spaces. Being a designer and being passionate about our designs and creativity we can create works of art through these. Occasionally whimsical, mostly practical, many a times these illustrations and designs bring to life our imagination of a space to our clients. They can visualize through them and feel confident about how their space will tell their story of existence!

Sometimes we still do use this timeless technique to illustrate our designs & clients love it. How do you envision your space to look like? Recommend to start with our FREE Design Discovery Call.



Floor Plan is characterized by the appropriate and hierarchical placement of the firm's officers promoting their day to day business, co-ordination and work relation. Strategic placement of partition walls provide privacy and limit outside traffic into the private offices. With sprawling window glazing and glass partitions the Vice President's Office is in the most desirable spot in the entire office. Some of the key features of the floor plan are "easy access to filing, open & airy workstations, spacious coffee room, accessible washrooms, large Boardroom, separate meeting.


An Italian Company started their North American Office in West Chester. With a total leased space of 8000 sq.ft., 3000 sq.ft. was to be devoted to a full scale office space for the staff with all the amenities of a big kitchen, accessible separate washrooms for men & women, large well lit board room with handsfree technology, open office with systems furniture for all staff, filing area, beautiful reception, President's office and a separate meeting room. 

Some of the best features inside were the floor to ceiling glass doors that made the office look bright and spacious, light filtering blinds for the west facing windows to protect from afternoon sun glare & heat, multiuse filing pedestal for each desk with seating on top, ergonomic partitions capable of camouflaging all wire connections, open office fostering conversation and collaboration.


A home decor and accessory store finds its apt setting in the buzzing suburbs of a growing city with its trendy townhouses and beautiful single family homes. As the very name suggests this store is the appropriate choice of any homeowner who would like to bring into their busy lives some inspiration and renewed interest in their living space. With the purpose of giving to their clients unlimited options and inspiration and ideas, "Inspiration Unlimited" carries in its collection design and decor products for the creative home in every style from trendy modern to eclectic shabby chic to mixed traditional. With a myriad of presentation techniques the store appeals to a wide range of age group and background.


for women,is a high end boutique clothing store featuring a variety of top of the line clothing ranging from casual comfort in unique fabric collection to designer evening dresses to delicate lingerie. Keeping with its aura of sophistication the interiors have been designed in a rich pallette of colors and luxury finishes of well finished hardwood floors, polished chrome counter edges, lighted glass display case, polished stone counters, mirrors, variety of  indirect & direct lighting, luxurious leather and exclusive collection window displays. The open floor arrangement gives a sense of freedom and spatial balance while the keenly selected display brings out the highlights of the product collection.


Located in the beautiful Hatzic Valley close to the Cascade Falls Regional Park, the site is perched atop the hill. With mountains behind to the north, sloping valley to the south, pathway leading to the local village market in the west and the park hiking trails to the east, this is the perfect setting to pursue one's creative talent & hobby. This is a dream Getaway, a studio home perched on a ledge on the mountain side.

The space features an open plan with lots of natural daylight. Large windows, French doors and Sunroom are some of the features of the place. The workroom has ample storage, with windows overlooking the valley. Modern with a touch of rustic, the kitchen has all latest amenities and high quality fixtures. One of the major interesting features of the space is the eating area in the sunroom with full height glass walls reaching up to the roof. Complete with a cozy Living area, peaceful bedroom and stylish bathroom, the space is a perfect place to getaway for few weeks from the bustle of city life! 


This home for 3 features beautifully laid out Kitchen, Dining Area & Living Space with large entertainment unit on either side of fireplace. The Pantry and Broom Closet is an interesting way to utilize extra unworkable space under the staircase. The home also boasts large outdoor seating areas for entertainment and quality family time with a huge multi-use patio downstairs and a private balcony attached to the bedroom upstairs above the portico that leads to the garage. With beautiful landscaping all around this home is ideal for a young family to grow up together and create happy memories.



A townhome, the name true to its south facing doors and windows witnessing quite an amount of sun and breeze. The main floor has been updated with increased storage both in the kitchen and the living area. The space has been altered from the original allocated space to make the Family room into a proper Dining Room, convert the breakfast nook to bar seating & wall storage, and have a conversation area facing the fireplace in the Living room and a cozy reading nook on the side wall. 

Kitchen has been upgraded with granite counters, stainless steel appliances and brand new shaker cabinets as the intention is to grow as a family in this home and to make it self sufficint and luxurious.









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