Multi Door & Drawer units in the same Cabinet Box

Having multi door/drawer units in the same configuration also works many a times when we can achieve to get both the look as well as the function. With the cabinet frame to be one unit but creating cupboard & drawer divisions sometimes helps when we have different kind of items to store.


Courtesy: Jonathan Williams Kitchen

Courtesy: Jonathan Williams Kitchen

Finding storage space under staircase, in an adjoining corridor, or even flanking a window or door on either side can be made to good use with multi shelving and combination drawers and pullout racks. Where space is a premium as in apartments and townhomes finding extra storage is almost a homeowners dream come true. We all love our kitchens and modern day life is no longer only your daily food related. It involves young and budding chefs in the family, having cooking parties with friends, baking classes if you are a good entrepreneur. So making room out of rooms is important for proper storage of all the various tools of the trade!


Table linen, extra hand towels, napkins, place mats are best kept in separate drawers so you can keep them organized. This also allows us not to open the whole cabinet out when guests arrive and we just need certain items that we can put away in the individual drawers. 

Finding the right balance of drawer sizes and heavy items is a tedious task if a homeowner were to do it themselves. Most times a professional's help is a time saver and helps buy the right size components for your storage units.