Storage in a Kitchen – Tall Cabinets

Storage in a kitchen can be planned in various configuration. Wall cupboards, base units, drawers, tall multi-use cabinets to full height cabinets can all be customized to what the family needs as storage space. Some storage space can also act as a work-cum-storage space and once the functional is over then the unit can be closed off and the area freed.

Tall cabinets are most of the times very efficient to include a lot of storage capabilities as no space is being lost in counters. Besides the inside of the cabinet can be divided and subdivided into various compartments both vertically and horizontally to create custom spots for all items that one has. Inside drawers can also hold dry vegetables or even fruits.

Racks fitted on doors can also hold small cartons and bottles as in spices or baking items.

Having extra wide and tall cupboards are of great value both money wise as well as space wise. Too many divisions are not created as separate unit. That saves the cost of the kitchen as more the number of cabinet units the cost of manufacturing goes up. So it is advisable to sometimes sacrifice a little bit in the looks to make it more functional.

Lights fitted inside such tall cabinets are of great use as sometimes we do not require to put on the full kitchen lights if we are just working with organizing the one cupboard or putting things away here. Big cupboards also tend to become a little dark specially when we can somewhat walk in.