Wood Storage is so much more appealing and charming than any other material as in plastic or wire racks. Wood has its warmth, its natural color that ages with time, its natural quality of being earth friendly and non-allergenic.

#4 - Appliance Storage Behind Doors

Many times, when needing to store our everyday appliances, it's difficult to make place on counter tops for everything to fit. These large appliances can also take away from the overall aesthetics of your kitchen space.

#2 - Storage in a Kitchen, Tall Cabinets

Storage in a kitchen can be planned in various configuration. Wall cupboards, base units, drawers, tall multi-use cabinets to full height cabinets can all be customized to what the family needs as storage space.

#1 - Kitchen Space Planning

Nothing can be more painful than to be always excusing yourself from someone else using the kitchen at the same time as you, shifting around to make room, closing doors and drawers to open the refrigerator door or the dishwasher door.