Basic Package

Basic Package


- 10 Hours of combination of Design Consultation & Services.

This is a great package for those wanting the whole range of services of an interior designer, but are wanting to contain costs and are willing to do some of the work themselves.

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Package includes: 8 hours of Design Consultation and Services which may include the following:

  • 2 hours of consultation on site (home or business) with Interior Designer to conduct a thorough evaluation, take photos and measurements as needed, and an inventory of what you already own which can be re-purposed or re-used in your improved space.
  • 5 hours of Preliminary Design Concepts for each space which may include
  1. Drafted Floor Space Plan,
  2. Furniture layout,
  3. Lighting & Power layout
  4. Virtual Mood Board with Color Scheme
  5. Finishes & surface materials recommendation
  6. A Design Concept for your Space
  7. Preliminary Cost Estimates
  8. Purchase List from local & online suppliers
  • 2 hours of Design Consultation where we will discuss with you our recommendations, Present & discuss proposed Design Plan 

At this point it is up to you whether to take the list and do your own shopping and installation or to continue working with us to do that for you.  If you purchase through us you will have the advantage of paying for your items at our designer's cost (whenever applicable) + a shopping fee to cover our time specifying, ordering, and tracking your purchases, and ensuring they are delivered on a timely manner.