Tall Trees, wood bark, rustic stone - all these remind me of the countryside charm. But what if these features are brought indoors in a very subtle way and used in your home to give your Living Room the Rustic Charm of the country? Exactly, that would be our answer too! We would love that too. 

And so here we bring these rich colors of the brazen country, the browns, tans, auburns, burnt reds, the handscraped floor, the rough profiled stone, the irregular lines right in this beautiful Living Room Makeover. What struck us most is that how beautifully all the lines & colors united to give this complete, rich look which is not only warm, cozy but also comfortable & Family friendly. Imagine the cold snowy winters outside, crackling fire in the fireplace inside, sitting on a cushy red recliner, steaming tea in one hand and a favorite book in the other!!

Thank you to the wonderful & enthusiastic homeowner for giving us the opportunity to design this space and their appreciation for the end result. We revel in their happiness!