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We are excited to give your Space Design Plans a definition towards the positive, and get you started on your road of making your space beautiful and functional suiting your current lifestyle. The first step towards that is to have a Phone Chat Session to discuss and discover your personal Design Style.

Here is the Process:

1. Fill out the Form below to tell us briefly who you are and what is your Story

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2. Purchase Free “Design Discovery Session” for a 30 minute Phone call

After purchase access the Design Style Questionnaire, Submit all details & Schedule your call on our available Calendar. To do so make this Purchase first.

3. Once we are done the above 2 steps then we can either:

(i) Meet for our Initial Consultation (Purchase Required) for Full Service Design or (ii) Start our Packaged Service (Purchase Required).

Note: For our Packaged Design or Consultation Services or the Initial Consult (as mentioned above) you Pre-purchase the service followed by you scheduling a meeting time before we can come out and serve you. Scheduling a meeting time can be done after the purchase is completed & you are “signed in”, into your Client Login Portal.