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We are excited to give your Space Design Plans a definition towards the positive, and get you started on your road of making your space beautiful and functional suiting your current lifestyle. The first step towards that is to have a Phone Chat Session to discuss and discover your personal Design Style.

Here is the Process:

  1. Fill out the Form below to tell us briefly who you are and what is your Story

  2. Click on “Design Discovery Session” to purchase our Free 20 minute Phone Session along with a Design Style Questionnaire that you fill up and submit. (You may have to put in your name & email again)

  3. Once we are done the above 2 steps then we can either meet for our Initial Consultation for your Full Service Designs or start our packaged service.

Note: For our Packaged Design or Consultation Services or the Initial Consult (as mentioned above)you Pre-purchase the service followed by you scheduling a meeting time before we can come out and serve you. Scheduling a meeting can be done after the purchase once you are signed in into your Client Login Portal.

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