Planning a functional kitchen layout is the most important part of Kitchen Design. If you are building a new home or doing a major renovation where you have the opportunity to alter the floor plan then your options are limitless. And if you are using the existing footprint your options are limited but you can still do quite a bit by being creative and using the proper resources and ideas and the help of a professional

With our current lifestyle and home use kitchen has become the hub of all activity of not only the family but also when you have guests and entertain. Having a beautiful, stylish and functional kitchen is the Homeowners' pride!

Open Plan Custom Colored Cabinets per Homeowner’s choice

Open Plan Custom Colored Cabinets per Homeowner’s choice

Sketch shows a small Basement Kitchen with White Cabinets and standard appliances

Sketch shows a small Basement Kitchen with White Cabinets and standard appliances



With all our options of Kitchen Design Packages and Layouts below you will find something that will fit your needs. Please make your choice and let us help you plan out a well working kitchen for you with the wide variety of products and finishes in the market that will work in your assigned budget.

Our Design Services for each of our #MySLD Kitchen Packages will include:

  • Door Design choices & Wood Type

  • Finish Schedules with list of all Materials & Color of surfaces

  • Elevations of relevant walls

  • 3D illustration showing all details

  • Material Finish Concept in a Mood Board or Color Board

  • Design Consultation in your space to discuss your needs

  • Plan Cabinet Interior Organization, Pullout drawers, Pantry & Spice locations

  • Drafted Floor Plan with Cabinet Layout

  • Dimensions and Numbered Cabinets to understand schedules

  • Cabinet Schedule with list and sizes of cabinets

additional options you need

  1. Additional Storage Wall Design - full or part = $497 + 5% gst

  2. Pantry Closet Design & Organization = $497 + 5% gst

  3. Additional Custom Island Design with Appliances & Fixtures = $497 + 5% gst

  4. Coffee Station Closet Design = $497 + 5% gst

  5. #MySLD Kitchen Makeover Decor Package = $1297 + 5% gst (scroll down for details)

  6. #MySLD Kitchen Spot Design Package = $997 + 5% gst (scroll down for details)

Choose layout that suits your kitchen

  1. The One Wall Kitchen

  2. The Galley Kitchen

  3. The L-Shaped Kitchen

  4. The U-Shaped Kitchen

  5. The G-shaped Kitchen - lets discuss

  6. Patio or Outdoor Kitchen - lets discuss

THE ONE WALL KITCHEN DESIGN PACKAGE: Starting at $1200 upto 10 linear feet

Typically for small homes and studio apartments this One Wall Layout is a very popular or sought after option because of the space saving quality of it. Using compact appliances and minimum visual clutter this layout offers items within easy reach and enough counter space for a one or two person use where space is premium. But again this layout is often used in larger homes with added cabinetry because of its clean sleek look as in loft style homes or Carriage Homes

THE GALLEY KITCHEN DESIGN PACKAGE: Starting at $2150 upto 18 linear feet 

They say that a Galley kitchen is one of the most functional and efficient kitchens as the work centers are on either side of the wall and within easy reach of each other at all times. This style of kitchen were actually used in ships and aeroplanes and later in commercial spaces where they needed to dish out large plates of food quickly. In the home scenario a Galley kitchen can be made to work very efficiently as well where you have a long corridor.

Most times it's a good idea to make use of vantage positions of doors and windows for natural light. If you have a home where space is at a premium, you have a long narrow home, you live in a downtown old heritage style building or apartment then this arrangement may work very well for you. You can also take advantage of skylights if you have some, for natural light, if that is your option. Our Designer can guide you with assigning appropriate location of your appliances and all cabinet needs

THE L-SHAPE KITCHEN DESIGN PACKAGE: Starting at $2995 upto 25 linear feet

The L-shape kitchen is by far the most versatile of all kitchen layouts. With 2 adjacent side perpendicular to each other this layout can be manipulated in many different ways by adding an island, adding a full storage wall, a walk-in pantry or a home office. The 2 adjacent sides of the walls can be small or quite large depending on the space you have. The most common of this arrangement can be found on one corner of the house or room with either 2 exterior walls or 1 exterior & 1 interior wall or 2 interior walls.

This layout is perfect for more than 2 people to be cooking or prepping food at the same time and allows convenience to entertain guests. Addition of an island makes the kitchen a family activity area, a breakfast eating area & more. With added counter space it serves to fulfil so many more purposes of the homeowner, gives additional food prep space as well as serving and eating. Our designer will guide you through all of that.

THE U-SHAPE KITCHEN DESIGN PACKAGE: Starting at $3600 upto 30 linear feet 

The U-shape kitchen is versatile and complete in so many ways. Not only does it allow the kitchen to have lots of counter space it also creates a wonderful work triangle when appliances are place appropriately. It also completes a kitchen in a way since all 3 adjacent walls are involved. So no traffic can truly break the workflow in this kitchen. In fact couple different work triangles can be formed in this type of kitchen and people can work for food prep, cooking, and other activities in perfect unison and not coming in each other's way.

You may or maynot put the sink or the cooktop in the center wall or put them on a side wall. Notice always the location of an existing window. Depending on how big or small the U shape is you can work with our designer to assign locations and sizes of all appliances and also island counters if space permits.

#MySLD KITCHEN MAKEOVER DÉCOR PACKAGE: Starting at $1297 + 5%gst

If you are not in for a full Kitchen overhaul but want to do a cost-effective remodeling then this is a great package for you. You can bring just the right touches to your existing kitchen and stay within your budget but still have the luxury of a new look to start your house parties!

You take our Designer’s help to choose the right elements that will be in line with your style & ideas. This is for kitchens up to 15 linear feet. For larger kitchens lets discuss on a price.

The Package will include:

  • Personal one-on-one consultation on what changes to do – A Design Checklist that will keep you within your budget

  • Kitchen Layout tips & what you can do to make it functional

  • Countertops - Help in selecting your new budget friendly counter-top with choice of material & pattern

  • Advice on appliances selection – features & benefits

  • Functional Lighting - Suggestions on different types of lighting appropriate for your space and what can you add or change to make it functional

  • Cabinet Doors - Tips & Direction on cabinet doors to give your cabinets a whole new look

  • Pantry Space - Consultation & tips on creating pantry space out of the existing layout

  • Color Scheme – Suggestions on choosing appropriate colors for your kitchen wall paint and general color scheme

  • Decorative Features – Tips on how to add decorative features to improve overall look

  • Virtual Color/Material Board + Design Guide – All suggestions above to be presented in a Color & Material Board as well as a Design Guide Document for your reference & use


Please Select from the following list of areas to improve in your Kitchen and let us discuss the options:

  • Pantry Storage – Improve, add, renew

  • Focal Point – Backsplash or cabinets or any other

  • Island – New or renew existing

  • Kitchen Color Scheme for Cabinets – alternate color/finish/style, Hardware, Counter, Floor, Tiles, Walls

  • Organizing Ideas - Pantry or cabinets

  • Small Kitchen Bigger Look

  • Style Change – Suggestions & tips on how to?

This package has been created to provide you with Design ideas and guidance in selected locations in your kitchen that will be your improvement criteria. You can choose any one or multiple locations or areas as per your requirement.

The package will include:

  • Consultation, suggestions & tips on: Color choices, Design Theme, Design Ideas based on theme, Selection of Materials

  • Color Sketch with Design & Theme

  • Design Guide Document for your reference & use