Planning a Functional Kitchen Layout is the most important part of Kitchen & Bath Design. Being the most important areas in your home, most used & requiring a major investment you want to do it right the first time.

Here are 3 scenarios for when you need to Plan & Design Your Kitchen & Bathrooms:

  • You are building a new Kitchen or Bath or doing a major renovation where you have the opportunity to alter the floor plan. Here your options are limitless and you can plan afresh

  • You are using the existing footprint and building on it. You need more storage on the existing.

  • You are enlarging onto your existing footprint & refreshing your current style.

KITCHEN has become the hub of all activity for the family and to entertain guests. BATHROOM need to be a luxurious space for stress relieving.

Open Plan L-shape Custom Kitchen with Island & Eating Window Bench Seating

Open Plan L-shape Custom Kitchen with Island & Eating Window Bench Seating

What you Hire us For

We typically work with you on either your: New Kitchen & Bathrooms, Existing Kitchen or Bathrooms to be reconfigured, and other adjoining areas delivering a personal interpretation of vision.

Small L-shape Kitchen with Standard Appliances

Small L-shape Kitchen with Standard Appliances

How We Start

Step 1: Get acquainted, DESIGN DISCOVERY PROCESS. Step 2: Face to face meeting, KITCHEN INITIAL CONSULTATION or BATH INITIAL CONSULTATION. We assess space, design possibilities, investment, present Proposal Agreement.

Open Split L-Shape Kitchen with Cooking Island

Open Split L-Shape Kitchen with Cooking Island

Moving Forward

Step 3: Purchase K&B FULL SERVICE CUSTOM DESIGN for Design Schematics, Drawings & Permits, Cabinet Selections, Presentation, Product Ordering, Trade Day, Budgets, Project Supervision

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With all our options of Kitchen Design Packages we provide a detailed service. Our Design Services for each of our #MySLD Kitchen Packages will include:


  1. Plan Kitchen & Bath Concept, Design Scheme, Initial Floor layout

  2. Facilitate needed Structural Service & Building Permit

  3. Plan Cabinet Interior Organization, Pullouts, Pantry & Spice, Linen, Laundry, etc

  4. Design Drawings - Drafted Floor Plan with Cabinet Layout, Elevations

  5. Millwork Drawings with Dimensions and Numbered Cabinets

  6. Cabinet Schedule with illustrated list and sizes of cabinets


  1. Door Design choices & Wood Type Consultation

  2. Design Style, Material, Color & Accessory choices

  3. Help Estimate material & install costs

  4. Material Finish Concept in a Mood Board or Color Board

  5. 3D illustration & walk thru presentation showing all details

  6. Finish Schedules with list of all Materials & Color of surfaces


  1. Material, pattern, color choices for other surfaces as in counters, flooring, tiles, moldings, lighting etc.

  2. Lighting & Electrical Plan, discussion and finalizing. Coordinating this with the cabinets and the general design scheme for the areas

  3. Product sourcing, showroom visits, narrow down finish choices. Final discussion on all choices for design, color, materials etc

  4. Final discussion on Budget numbers and adjustments of above

  5. Obtain estimates and quotes on materials & all custom work to add to Budget numbers of cabinetry

  6. Finalize Product Selections, finalize quotes, prepare details & large prints for construction

Bathroom Elevation showing Shower Wall & Wall Cabinets

Bathroom Elevation showing Shower Wall & Wall Cabinets

Bathroom Elevation showing Shower Wall & Base Cabinets

Bathroom Elevation showing Shower Wall & Base Cabinets

#mysld kitchen & bath after design service

After your Kitchen & Bath Designs are completed and delivered to you, we can offer you our After Design Execution Services. Charges will be Hourly. Choose all or select from:

  • Prepare Shopping List Document with price & product details

  • Plan & Schedule Product Shopping including liaising with showrooms & online vendors & set up Shopping Day

  • Onsite Supervision & Overseeing Installation offer & to review work progress

  • Hire additional trade required (electrical, plumbing, tiling etc)

  • Sourcing artwork & accessories and style the spaces if you need

  • Construction Budget rehearsal, estimates & quotes, Trade Walk through, prepare work schedules

  • Prepare Project Management outline & charges, Construction Timeline Schedules

  • Order products, track orders & ETA. Manage back orders, discontinued items, re-selections. Monitor & update changes of Product Orders & Budget Numbers.

  • Manage details of Project making sure instructions & Design is followed to the best of our knowledge.