How would you define a wall that suddenly converted itself into a picture of elegance? Spectacular wall! That’s right! A meticulously planned Fireplace wall with custom storage and a bench seat that needed quite a few adjustments both in height and in depth finally came through and stood out as a unique center of attraction in this Living Room. A Natural Stone wall with a brick lined insert gave a new twist to an existing fireplace box that was no longer needed. Instead what stayed in the place was touch of rustic with a mix of elegance.

The quiet elegance of the Oak Hardwood floors with its rich knotty design, the luxurious softness of the carpet, the lightness of the Mayonnaise Paint shade on the cabinets breathes calm elegance and a sense of continuity of the comfort that the design exudes. We cannot be more happy as how it all turned out where minute details speak volumes and the new look of the interiors soon became something we could get used too!