Seasonal Leaf full service Design for your New build & renovations

Welcome to Seasonal Leaf Full Service Design for all your Interior Design Solutions whether you are building a New Home or Renovating/Remodeling your existing home. We provide an all-inclusive range of consulting, designing, sourcing, project management & co-ordination services from the beginning phases of the Interior Design and Decor project to the end to ensure that your project is properly taken care of & everything flows together seamlessly, resulting in a beautiful and cohesive finished space.

What you Hire us For

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on either your whole-home or part, a full floor level or a collection of rooms & spaces while delivering a personal interpretation of your vision that is distinctive and uniquely yours. Our care & attention is with you and your project continuously and you get the top-of-the-line service from us.

We work closely with the Architect, Builder and other contractors ensuring the job is done to specification and all details are taken care of. Starting from the Initial Meeting, developing a Design Concept suiting to client needs to a detailed and comprehensive Design Solution and repeat follow up Consultation, we take the pressure off you as our client and ensure all work is completed in the least amount of time with least inconvenience.

How We Start

The very first step is to get acquainted with you and your needs with either an online Design Discovery Process or a Face to Face meeting depending on what suits you best. We start our visits to your home or space with an Initial Consultation where we assess your needs and wants for your space. We then chalk out & discuss the possibilities of layouts, materials, finishes and overall solutions & present you with our Design drawings, full schematics and materials selections to help you visualize your finished kitchen, bathroom and other spaces.

Moving Forward

We take care of all the details, including site visits, to ensure that our plans are being carried out according to the exact specifications. The results are always a space that is beautiful, functional and comfortable for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. We pride ourselves on producing a seamless design process for all our projects and collaborating with expert trade professionals who bring our designs to a reality with their superior craftsmanship. All the careful planning and design skills, require extensive design knowledge & experience which we are proud of & we strife to consistently deliver a beautiful and functional space for our satisfied clients.

Scroll down below for information on our Full Service Design Levels & Full Service Design Packages

Our Full Service Design Levels and Packages follow a detailed Design Process & Action Steps as we work with you & want to be organized and detail oriented. By working in this manner we provide you with the best all inclusive service that takes care of all phases of the process as you need to know what we are working on and how.



To serve you for your design needs Seasonal Leaf Designs is proud to present our detailed and largely extensive Full Service “Design Levels”. We have 4 levels for your choice, the Diamond, Pearl, Ruby & Emerald! Depending on the size of your project and your participation level you can choose what suits you best.

  1. The Diamond Level being at its very best and for your 10,000+ sq.footage project, we provide a very fine tooth comb, all-inclusive range of consulting and designing services from the beginning phases of the Interior Design and Decor project to the end. You, being our luxury client at this level, give us full responsibility to make decisions on your behalf while we do periodic briefs to you at every stage as design progresses.

  2. At our Pearl Level you would receive a lot of time & attention for your considerably large, 8,000 to 10,000 sq.footage Interior Design and Décor project. Our professionals that we engage will work closely with you, as we will too and make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish

  3. The Ruby Level ensures that your medium to intermediate size, from 4000 to 8,000 sq footage project, is fully taken care of from the initial design concept stage through to final design stages by our designer. You may want to participate in the day to day design decisions with your research and ideas and be actively involved.

  4. The Emerald Level is great for those wanting the whole range of services of an interior designer, but may wanting to be involved more actively by taking certain responsibilities and may want to do your own project management or engagement of your own trades. You will still get the coveted first class service from us but stay involved a bit more than at the above levels for your 1800 to 4000 sq.footage project size


Some Highlights

>The highlighted feature is to present you with an organized detailed Design Binder developed exclusively for you by our Designer<

>Also highlighted in these levels is your opportunity to avail our preferred vendors with special pricing for products and materials for your project<

>You have access to The Design Center that we work with for all our off site meetings<

>We want you to get the best service and achieve your project goals with access to your very own & exclusive Online Design Studio. Here you will have all your Design Details easily available for you whenever you want to access them with your very unique sign-in & password<

>The Full Service Design Levels require an Initial Consultation to review the scope of your project and then quoted at their respective square footage along with the intensity & complexity of your project which will be discussed at the consultation & taken into consideration as well<


To get your Diamond, Pearl, Ruby or Emerald Full Service Design Level kick-started purchase & schedule an Initial Design Consultation meeting. The Purchase can be done online and the charges paid conveniently online as well. This Initial Meeting is the most valuable part of the Design Service. Once we meet up and decide to work together we will absorb this initial cost in our design service cost to make sure we give more value to both your time and our service.

At this time we will also invite you to purchase our free Design Discovery & Style Assessment session so that we can learn more about you, your style and lifestyle, and expectation for the project and design process. Following this we will confirm the initial meeting purchased & scheduled by you and get the process started officially!

Living Room

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Full Service Design Packages

Our Full Service “Design Packages” are different from our Design Levels as mentioned above. When we talk about packaging we are essentially offering a more affordable & streamlined service that are put together combining some of our selected a-la-cart services. Choose one of the following Design Packages that best suits your needs for your space in your Home. These packages can be modified for your Office or Commercial Space.

  • Note that these packages best serve smaller floor areas as mentioned below. Each of these can also be customized depending on your needs as well as addition of adjoining square footage.

  • Design Packages are for floor area of 200 sq.ft. to 400 sq.ft.” and for one or more rooms, excluding kitchen, bathroom and laundry for Residential Design

  • For Design Requirements of area below 200 sq. ft. suggest investing in our Hourly Design Decor Sets or Color Consultation Packages

  • Our “Signature #MySLD One Room Design & Makeover Package is ideal for a detailed design focused on one room or area only

>Ask us how you can further customize these Packages if you want more than what is offered in each of these models. We will formulate one for you<

Basic Interior Design Package


This is a great package for those wanting a fair range of services of an interior designer, but are wanting to contain costs and are willing to do some of the work themselves.


  • 15+ hours of Design Consultation, Planning, Presentation, 2D & 3D Illustrations, Furniture, Color, Material List

Deluxe Interior Design Package


This is a great package for those wanting a more detailed range of services of an interior designer, on a large project that will take more time and designs on a much more detailed level.


  • 25+ hours of Design Consultation, Planning, Presentation, Illustrations, Mood Board, Color, Products, Budget

Premium Interior Design Package


This package is ideal for a much larger or complicated re-model, where attention to detail will be crucial, and where there may be more construction and a physical change to the space. 


  • 37+ hours of Design Consultation, Planning, Presentation, Illustrations, Mood Board, Color, Products, Budget, Shopping

PAckages Highlights

>The first step for these packages is to purchase them online & then schedule the 90 min initial consultation that is included in the price. Our initial design consultation fee is originally priced at $297 but we provide value for the full-service packages. An additional fee may be included for car mileage depending on your location in the Greater Vancouver Area, which we will account for later once we start working.

>Next, we invite you to complete our Design Discovery and Style Assessment Questionnaire which is also included in the package. The Design and Style Assessment is a great tool to help us learn more about you, your style and lifestyle, and expectation for the project and design process. We will be happy to have you fill the questionnaire & then schedule the initial meeting you as soon as possible so we can confirm your appointment promptly, discuss your project further, as well as to discuss how we work so you will know what to expect during the design process

>Here is a Synopsis of what happens once you purchase the above packages and you get your own special login portal for your Studio Space.

  • All above Full Service Packages need a Questionnaire to be filled out after you purchase the package. There is a Free e-book that you can download

  • Each Package has all details for what is included and detailed instruction on the pre-purchase page as well as on the Info page once you purchase & sign in.

  • You get an invite email on purchase of package. Once you sign into your Studio space on the online portal you have a Dashboard & Demo Video that will show you how to navigate through your studio

  • You also have the opportunity to upload any design related document or pictures as well as download our design suggestion that we provide you with

  • And you have free reign to schedule appointments on our available dates that suits your convenience.



If you are not located in the Greater Vancouver Regional District and you like our Design Portfolio and would like to hire us for your Interior Design project we highly encourage you to avail our Online Design Services which is also termed as E-Design. We would love the opportunity to take up your project, start you off on a Design Discovery & Style Assessment Session, and discuss further all the the logistics. We are looking forward to speak to you. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience!

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