your online design studio& Portal

Welcome to your Online Seasonal Leaf Design Studio!!

Whether you have engaged our services for a Full Service Design or purchased any of our Design Packages, you will have access to our much coveted Design Studio that gives you your Personal Design Portal.

We want to give you a first class and organized service from the very first meeting or design service package and hence we have this exclusive space available to you.

Advantages of Online Studio Portal


CREATE YOUR OWN LOGIN with your Email & Password when you make your first purchase of a Package or receive an email invite from us for your Full Service Design Levels & Packages.


SECURELY PAY ALL INVOICES and make all Package purchases online with your Credit Card and collect those valuable points


ACCESS YOUR CLIENT PROFILE anytime and input your information, and navigate through your portal to view all information on your Design Service or Package you purchased.


CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD, set yourself up to receive Email notifications, Updates and Messages. Send group messages or a private message to Contractor & Designer.


ACCESS YOUR PROJECT INFO, and other uploaded details. Upload your existing home pictures, inspiration pictures, measurements or any additional information you think necessary


LEAVE MESSAGES OR communicate with Project managers, Designers or other related professional in one common space


VIEW ALL YOUR PRODUCT LIST, product Pictures & Details and Approve them or request for change


REVIEW & ACCEPT Design Proposals, Design Agreement, Approve Budget, Review Your Designs submitted by us

View video instructions below of how to navigate in your studio after you login.

Here is where all the Collaborative Activity happens. Why do we use our online Studio?

  • We are getting away from explanatory and repeat emails that waste a lot of our time.

  • We are getting away from pesky texts that can vanish or get deleted & worse - waste a lot of our time and distract us continuously from being productive throughout our work & creative day.

  • We are creating a central HUB where all the info from all parties are kept for access for all involved at anytime without having to wait for an email reply with an update or approval

  • We also make this your own private space for your project and best of all the access is so easy at anytime of the day or night, without having to search for an email from a month back in your inbox.


We say if it did not happen in our Online Design Studio, it did not happen at all.



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