Spearheaded by our good friend and business professional Georgee Low, Decide Your Life has become a hub of inspiration for any woman Entrepreneur who wants to grow their business through support, education and fun. When Georgee had this great idea of opening a space where women could come and be at ease, share ideas, inspire and grow with each other she started looking for a place that she could convert her ideas into a creative & inspiring reality. Spaces there were plenty but it had to that one perfect destination that would not only be accessible for all, but also should be cozy, comfortable, artzy, quaint and at the same time preserve the authenticity of the local New Westminster Community. As she was looking for help with planning the space we stepped right in and created a functional plan for her so she could continue to build her dream. Her artistic flair reflects in the space and so does our practical planning for the space. 

Vintage doors and windows framed into the wall took shape and the rooms and working spaces slowly came into being. This space is unique as many recyclable materials and pieces were incorporated into the space to give it that aura of old world charm with new world amenities! Georgee added her touches into the space, making it personal, appealing, feminine, inspiring - all of the qualities that she stands for. Everyone who steps into the space raves about it. Here is a great space where Georgee now holds business development events that she conducts, speakers come in to speak and inspire, art classes get held. She also has an event geared just for men on one of the weekday evenings. Check out her website Decide Your Life for more info or a quick call to her would reveal a world of possibilities!