Design Discovery

design discovery session

The "Design Discovery Session" is a 20-30 minute phone call session that is necessary before any of the Consultation Packages or Design Packages can take place. This gives you an opportunity to have a chat with your Designer and discuss about some basic information as well as your preferred Design & Style ideas to get your Design Consultation appointment started.

Initial Design Consultation

At this initial consultation we take the time to get to know you and the details of your project. Our initial consultations for design advice can help you get focused with establishing a plan to simplify your Design Process.

partial 2 hr color PALETTE CONSULTATION - Int or ext

A practical Paint Color Solution for few different areas in your space just to refresh it up a bit! Includes 6-8 colors in Palette. This practical Color Consult Package gives you the opportunity to explore few color choices for few selected rooms or areas in your home or any space. Can be used for Exteriors as well!

full 4 Hr color PALETTE CONSULTATION - Interior & Exterior

A real big difference for your home! A full color refresh for your home! Includes 10-15 colors in Palette. This colorful Package gives you the opportunity to explore the color choices for your home and put it in the path to selling success or have a wonderful new home for you and your Family.

pops4u COLOR & DESIGN selection CONSULTATION (realtor’s favorite)

This package is very popular with Homeowners as it provides just the right amount of benefits with a right budget commitment helping you with the right amount of tips, options & choices to do a practical and swift makeover to your home to make it promptly ready for a rewarding sale or your own enjoyment!

Interior Styling & Consultation

The Final touches in any Home Design Project are always as important as the beginning. It is the TREND now that no longer is the benefit of a Designer exclusive to Luxury Homes only!! With our Interior Styling Services and Expertise, let us re-invent, re-new & re-fresh your space. Let your space breathe about the things you love!