Portrait Photo by: Cheryl Kathler -   Photos by Cheryl

Portrait Photo by: Cheryl Kathler - Photos by Cheryl




reena venaktesh

Reena is the Principal designer and owner,founded Seasonal Leaf Designs in 2006 after having worked with various design firms in Calcutta, India and White Rock, Canada.

She brings to the table a wealth of experience having worked with a diverse range of residential and commercial clients and other designers. She has the ability to listen to her clients, to establish deep, trusting relationships with them, understand them and to interpret their words into a compelling vision that she turns into an environment that feels right.

“We produce interior design solutions that are consistent with your vision, taste, lifestyle, and budget. By creating designs that blend your existing space with innovative design features, we create a sense of style and comfort resulting in a highly personalized space. We are known for our talent in balancing good design and practical results, proper use of space and creating functional designs that speak for themselves and make a difference in your life.”

Reena’s prior experience creating numerous residential and commercial designs has given her a unique flair for looking at a space and understanding its potential. Her clients’ ideas, photos, and family heirlooms often provide inspiration. “It’s all about making a house a home, if I can realize my clients’ vision for a space and delight them with the results, then that’s a job well done.” Whether it is a whole-house renovation or a single-room makeover, a successful interior highlights the expertise of the designer, and speaks to the personality of the client.

what Reena’s clients say of their experience with her …

We had a lovely experience with Reena. She was professional, punctual, knowledgeable and was very friendly. She was flexible with her time and catered towards our schedule and preferences. We are very satisfied with the final design and products, and I would recommend her to friends and family.
— Florence Mulenga, Residential Client
Florence Living Room

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